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We have been in the court transcription and digital recording industry for over 50 years. We’ve seen it all. And we watched how the industry fell behind the technology curve.


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At The Digital Deposition Group, we use state-of-the-art digital recording technology. This is  for accurate and reliable court transcriptions. 
For ages, the industry has relied on lackadaisical court reporting and disappointingly long wait times for deposition transcripts. It’s time we did something about it.

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We have a one-stop shop that offers court reporting capabilities and an entire network of services.

                   But technology is not enough 

Technology cannot work alone. It must be backed with competent professionals and the best practices in the industry. Our teams of world-class reporters have been trained to deliver your deposition to you in the format you need, before you need it. 

We recruited only the top most court reporters, and made them go through extensive training to make sure they can deliver court proceedings flawlessly to you.

We realize that life runs at a fast pace that requires instant access to information. So we combined our legal expertise with the best in the technology development field and created the product we wish we had when our family entered the field, over 50 years ago.

Whether you’re an attorney preparing for trial or a witness who needs to review their testimony, our seasoned court reporters can help you get the most out of your digital deposition.

 There’s no one better at it than The Digital Deposition Group!

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